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The good, the bad and the ugly of the week – 28 February 2020

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Children and tattoos aren’t so different. They’re both easily removed with lasers.

Best stories of the week

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Proving once again that they’re (Borat voice) really nice guys, Good Old Games has a new refund policy that is really generous! Must be because they need to earn enough goodwill to be allowed to eat an open face puppy sammich. Meanwhile, I’m so starved for Plants vs Zombies that I’ll gladly take a sneaky soft launch of a new mobile game and new set pics for Pattman’s costume in The Batman has me too excited even if his ears are about as erect as my nipples currently.

The best news of all though? Platinum Games revealing their Kaiju KO game this week, which looks like their take on Pacific Rim. Please stop, I can only get so erect.

Worst stories of the week

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Up up down down and hit RIP! A legend has passed on, but the legacy of the Konami code is one that will live on forever in the hearts and minds of video game fans. Also bad news for all ten Ghost Recon Breakpoint fans: The highly anticipated Immersion Mode that is meant to give the game a fresh lease on life, won’t be out this month or anytime soon. Oh poo.

WTF story of the week

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Look I’m no fan of Daniel Craig as James Bond (George Lazenby for life sucka!), but I’m also not a fan of movies with excessively long running times. I’m getting both of my top peeves in one package by the look of things, because the next 007 flick is going to be a bladder-bursting too damn long when it finally arrives in cinemas. It’s time to do the peepee dance yo!

Header image of the week

Comments of the Week (Thanks Hammer!)

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Jac7 has the best idea for a new Star Wars film trilogy:

Just make a film trilogy with Keanu Reeves in the main role as a bounty hunting mother lover because someone killed his Wookiee friend.

Jacques Van Zyl just reminded us all of the power of music:

Between this and NFS Underground 2, I found bands that literally saved my life with their music

Original Heretic’s mind is going to dark corners again:

It’s a jack ‘n slash game.


Wait, that means something else…

It may take a while to develop due to the studio behind it nipping off to the corner cafe for some smokes, but Alien Emperor Trevor knows exactly what game we all want:

I wouldn’t bet against there being a “Find My Dad Simulator” game.

And BradeLunner’s latest deal kind of stinks:

That’s a much better poopostion

Critical Hit Original Recipe Content

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Bonus DVD Content

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