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The good, the bad and the ugly of the week – 13 March 2020

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All of these cancelled festivals messed up by not booking The Cure.

Best stories of the week


It wasn’t a bad week at all! This morning started out with some great news regarding the revival of Silent Hill, yesterday saw the unveiling of a delightful LEGO Mario playset and there’s also news of Sony doubling down on what made their PS4 games so gosh dang great. Lastly, there’s a free to play Call of Duty battle royale out right now, which for all intents and purposes is pretty neat. If you can stomach having to do an almost 100gb download for it.

Worst stories of the week


Look, let’s just go ahead and list everything that got impacted by that darn Coronavirus already. All those movies you were looking forward to? Cancelled. E3 2020? Cancelled. Box office returns? Worse than expected because COVID-19. There’s going to be a LOT of this sort of news in the weeks to come, and this is only the tip of the Corona-berg so get used to it.

WTF story of the week


I want to paint you a picture: You’re playing DOOM Eternal’s Battlemode, you’re on the side of evil and chances are you’re about to take a chainsaw to the face. There he stands, the Doomslayer in all of his resplendent glory and decked in the finest Unicorn armour that Hell has learnt to fear. It’s not a joke, it’s not an early April Fool’s gag. This is for real.

Header Image of the Week



Comments of the Week (Thanks Hammer!)


Activision just released a virtual Tamagotchi for Call of Duty. Only there’s one small problem as MaSeKind pointed out:

Okay but they do realise the majority of COD players probably doesn’t even know what a Tamagochi is? Their parents will though

Alien Emperor Trevor reckons the Nords need to change their mental outlook on life:

Don’t be a No-wegian, be a Yes-wegian.

There’s a new Trolls movie coming out soon, and let’s be honest: We’re all going to be supporting the villain as Hairy Ewok speaks for all of us:

I for one wouldn’t mind a world where Rock is the only music genre available

And you thought the Coronavirus was bad? Llama in the Rift just reminded us all of South Africa’s true nemesis:

But…..but South Africa almost got wiped out by Polony…….Just saying

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