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The good, the bad and the ugly of the week – 13 December 2019

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Water: When it’s not in use, it’s kept in cloud storage.

Best stories of the week

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I’m still feeling conflicted over the design of it, but hey I’m glad to see Microsoft fire the first shot in the latest edition of the Console Wars! The Xbox Series X is coming next year, and it certainly looks interesting. Need some Guitar Hero in your life? This curation of playlists in the correct order will sort you out! By the time it’s done, it’ll have been a decade between BioShock games, but I for one am super duper excited over the series finally returning over at 2K Games, this time under the watchful eye of a dedicated studio.

Beyond all that, who’s ready to get their vroom on? I certainly am, as Forza Horizon 4 has a new game mode that dips not only into speed but good ol’ battle royale mechanics, racing onto Xbox One under the name of Eliminator.

Worst story of the week

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It was actually…a good week for gaming! Less outrage, more WTF and that’s a ratio I can live with. With that being said, I’m kind of sad about this one, as EA Games is delivering a Knockout blow to Fight Night 4’s servers.

WTF stories of the week

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There’s a lot of WTF that happened this week, so let’s get to it: Psyonix learnt the hard way that price-gouging is never a good thing, as their plan to replace loot boxes with exorbitantly-priced premium decorations backfired spectacularly on them. Then there’s Fallout 76 having yet another bug to deal with, in the form of armour being turned into rubbish whenever you reload a gun. Resident Evil Resistance has named its first character…Martin Sandwich. Well alright then.

And lastly, it’s now official: PlayStation owners are the biggest wankers around.

Header image of the week


I think Geoff deserves a whole lot more love for not only getting me excited for more gaming livestreams, but for also getting one of the best tracks of all time once again stuck in my head. Which you can see right here. Right now.

Comments of the week

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Sorry Yozzie, but I’m not allowing the Catholic church to send a Spanish Inquisition after me. That’d be unexpected even if I was having a bit of fun with that new Jesus game:

“Jesus! Arguably the first chronicles of a superhero, the bible is basically the original comic book minus the fancy pictures.”

the catholic church would like to know your location

Alien Emperor Trevor reckons he has cracked the Rocket League code:

Step 1: release ridiculously overpriced cosmetic items
Step 2: wait for complaints
Step 3: reduce prices to merely overpriced after “listening to feedback”
Step 4: everyone is happy

And in a one-two punch, he even nails the recent massive fail that is the PlayMobil movie at the box office:

It bombed so hard they should rename it PlayExxonMobil.

There’s a new movie coming out soon starring various actors who just can’t seem to nail the glorious diplomatic immunity of our local accent, yet again. Or as SagatatiaRZA calls it seeing as how Daniel Radcliffe is in the flick:

Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Atteridgeville

And Llama raises a good point! If you regularly play games over at a friend’s house, you might want to take your own controller with you seeing as how the PlayStation 4 might as well be renamed the Pornstation:

joh…need to buy my own PS4 controller for when i visit friends whom have a PS.

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  1. At least he chose a good song to use in public. m/

    That said, Alex can give him a run for his money xD


    • HairyEwok

      December 13, 2019 at 15:25

      All those people who walked past him are secretly metalheads but too afraid too show their true self in fear that society will throw them out into the hello kitty pit.


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