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The good, the bad and the ugly of the week – 02 August 2019

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Surgery: It’s what happens when your doctor stabs you to life.

Best story


I’ve had my PlayStation 4 for around five years now, and honestly? It has been a hell of a run so far. One of the very best game consoles ever made is in the twilight phase of its life cycle, and after a good run at the top Sony’s impressive machine has managed to shift over a hundred million consoles. That’s some damn impressive work right there, a whole lot of plastic and plenty of cash in Sammy Sony’s pocket.

Which is well deserved, if we’re being honest in this post that highlights just how crap we are at clickbait headlines.

Worst story


I don’t like seeing game studios fail, especially when their ambitious ideas look like they might give birth to some delicious new takes on familiar ideas. Mavericks: Proving Grounds was one such idea, where developer Automaton Games decided to take a battle royale format and shove as many players possible inside of it as modern tech could allow. The concept was sound, the technology powering it looked more stable than two-week old fruitcake and the buzz was there.

The one thing missing? The money to fund that game, as Mavericks bit the dust this week, missing out on that chicken dinner prize that would have made it an interesting alternative to Fortnite and PUBG. In other kind of not good news at all, if you were sick of big budget games favouring live service elements over actual evergreen gameplay, then boy oh boy do I have some bad news for you!

EA’s recent stab at the business model has done gangbusters for them, especially in the sports department as they recently posted record high profits thanks to the shift in game models and moving their business over to the trusty tax havens of the Swiss. If you thought the current crop of games demanding more and more of your free time to get an enjoyable stab at something playable, then you ain’t seen nothing yet as EA will no doubt be emphasising live services more than ever.

WTF story


It’s not really a story, but this trailer for Little Monsters looks like a wonderfully mad new spin on the zombie horror genre as Lupita Nyong’O balances being a caring teacher with a plague of ankle biters that are out for blood. Also, Josh Gad is present and he’s casting off is Disney persona to drop a few f-bombs along the way in this mad as heck movie. Children vs zombies? I KNOW WHO MY MONEY IS ON!

And let’s not forget Rockstar this week, as a British think tank fired off a few rounds claiming that the monolithic game studio hadn’t just avoided paying its fair share of taxes, it had actually managed to grab some extra cash by convicing authorities that a video game about a drunken redneck indulging in American materialism was a culturally British project. For shame Rockstar, for shame.

Header image of the week


Watch out Maverick! You’re in the danger zone now!

Comments of the week


First up, Original Heretic for saying what we were all thinking in the Zombieland 2 trailer post:

This movie gives me a Woody.

Then Geoff of all people, for thinking that he can stop me talking about Batman, the poor deluded fool:

I’m buying this to wrap around Darryn’s mouth so that he’ll shut the fuck up about Batman.

Yahtzee gets an award because I’d strangely be interested in seeing YouTuber culture applied to accounting:

Yo whats UP youtubers!

It’s me ya boy yahtzee here coming to you live from my 8-5 office! Today we are going to be reconning accounts that are in arrears!

So before we start remember smash that like button and don’t forget to subscribe!

And last but certainly not least, HVR for being depressingly accurate as to how Apple’s new credit card will probably work!

They are probably going to make the cards 1.5cm wider than other cards and make you purchase a card adapter for $99 to enable you to use the card on non-Apple card machines.

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